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Our Technique

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At Vitality Family Chiropractic, we use advanced adjustment techniques that are safe, gentle and precise.  Through a combination of manual adjustments and the Activator Method, we provide an experience that is truly unique as compared to many Marietta chiropractors.

How Does the Activator Technique Work?

The Activator Method is a chiropractic technique that involves the use of a mechanized instrument that provides a quick, gentle pulse to adjust spinal abnormalities and restore ideal posture and health.  This differs from the manual technique in that it does not use manual, hand-based adjustments. Instead, a mechanized instrument activates a rubber piston at the end of the device to adjust the vertebrae in the spine.

A specific amount of force is given to produce skeletal corrections while minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort to the patient. Our practice members are also less likely to tense in order to “protect” muscles as they would with slower, easier to anticipate manual adjustments.  However, this method works in tandem with manual adjustments as well.

Our chiropractic technique at Vitality Family Chiropractic
activator technique used by Dr. Katheryne Castro, Marietta Chiropractor

Activator chiropractic was first developed in 1967 by Dr. Arlan Fuhr. His aim was to provide standardized care using an instrument that could apply gentler forces in low amplitude but a high frequency.

The first Activator device was patented in 1978, and has since obtained approval from the FDA as a safe and effective medical device.

The Activator method is the second-most common chiropractic method used after diversified technique. Seventy percent of chiropractic professionals use it, typically in conjunction with other adjustment options.

Chiropractic care at Vitality Family Chiropractic

We provide both diversified and activator methods depending on the your body’s current need and condition, based on the recommendations of Dr. Katheryne.  If you are interested in chiropractic care in the Marietta, GA area, come visit Vitality Family.  You can book an appointment for a chiropractic assessment with our team. This appointment will serve to identify and address your health needs using some of the most advanced chiropractic technology available.  We would love to help improve your health and wellness by becoming your Marietta chiropractor.


Dr. Katheryne and our team would love for you to come in for a consultation to see how we can improve your health and vitality through chiropractic care.